Algeria in Satisfactory Position after FIFA Ranking Update

The governing body of football is FIFA and they utilize a ranking system based on points and on the latest results for all of the nations and the clubs around the world.

On the latest monthly ranking of FIFA, the football authority has taken into consideration the performances and results of October which was a splendid period of time for the African nation Algeria as they managed to claim victories over successive victories over Malawi as both squads faced each other in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifications.

These positive results have affected the ranking position of Algeria in a satisfactory way for the team which is being guided by the French coach Christian Gourcuff.

MadjidBougherra is a 32 years old defender who has made over 60 appearances for Algeria in the international stage and he has expressed his satisfaction concerning the recent change of position that Algeria has sustained after defeating Malawi on 2 separate occasions in October.

“I played my first match with Algeria’s national team in 2004, and we were then close to the 100th place. We are now ranked 15th. We’ve come a long way since those days, and we can only be proud,” MadjidBougherra told the media.

Algeria currently are the best ranked team in the FIFA world rankings as they are even ahead of Ivory Coast and it has been that way for years now.

The coach of the Algerian national football team Christian Gourcuff announced that he and his squad are aiming to win the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations which is scheduled to take place in Morocco starting from January and ending in February.

After having played 4 qualifying matches of the African Cup of Nations, Algeria is located at the top of group B having secured a total of 12 points.