Algeria progressed to Group Stages in African Cup 2015

Algeria managed to progress past the group stages of the 2015 African Cup of Nations before eventually being knocked out of the competition as they lost against Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals. Christian Gourfucc was appointed as the head coach of the Algerian national football team after the conclusion of 2015 FIFA World Cup.

VahidHalilhodzic left the managerial position and it was replaced by Gourcoff who was able to push Algeria into the quarter-final stages of the recently concluded Africa Cup of Nations and the French coach has gained all the confidence needed by the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) to have earned a contract extension by the football governing body.

Christian Gourcuff has already revealed some of the plans that he has and wants to fulfill with the Algerian national side. The French manager spoke during a press conference and said: “There will be changes within The Greens.

Some players are entering their 30s and are preparing to leave the team. We’ll have to call up other younger players.We already have a core of young and good players around which the future national team will be built.We’ll only need to reinforce certain areas by other elements for upcoming deadlines, notably the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations and the 2018 World Cup.”

Not everyone was happy to hear the news about Christian Gourcuff having his contract extended as people were expecting the Frenchman to guide Algeria at least until the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations but failed on doing so.

Gourcuff is well aware that Algeria’s finish and performance in the African tournament was not the best and the Frenchman stated that he isn’t the type of person that gives up.

‘’I’m not the kind of coach who quits after a failure. We must also know how to manage a disappointment,” Gourcuff added on.