Betting on the Premier League

There have been many changes to the top clubs in the Premier League and it will be some time for their real impact to be seen. One thing that is likely to be different is the competition at the top.

This year it could be that there are six clubs in contention for the Premier League title. Manchester City, Manchester united, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham all have a chance and with betting odds of 2/1 on Chelsea through to 40/1 on Tottenham there are plenty of interesting betting opportunities to explore.

The important tip is to consider the lower order teams at this stage. Once the season gets underway, should teams such as Tottenham show any reasonable form you can guarantee that the odds on them winning the league will shorten rapidly. Now is the time to get in there with some speculative bets even if it does feel more like betting at a casino rather than rational football sports betting. With those kinds of odds you don’t need to put very much money at stake in order to secure a potentially high value bet. The best betting strategy is to go for value bets rather than just those that might seem to have the best chance of coming off.

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Although it might appear a little simple at first sight, don’t be put off by the fact that it is just a three reel slot with just a single pay line. The game is highly entertaining and includes many of the features found typically in traditional pub slot machines including multiple nudge and hold features along with very desirable top payout of £10,000. There is also a ladder skill shot feature with some ex excellent prizes.