Algeria have decided to bring an end to the intense speculation that has been going on since the announcement of the election.

Algeria will be conducting elections on May 22nd. There have been rumours that the Algerian officials will not be concerned about other issues like sport when it comes to holding the election in a good and steadfast manner.

However, in order to avoid any trouble, the Algerian government has decided to step in by closing the Algerian Premier league much earlier than expected. Initially, it was thought that the football in the Algerian will not be affected as a result of the elections.

The Algerian football Association, though, seems to be having other ideas after they unveiled that they intend to complete with the Algerian Premier league as early as May 10 instead of the originally planned May 22 date. A number of efforts have been taken in order to rush the fixtures in such a way that they will be able to comply with the May 10 deadline. This step has been taken by the government partly because they intend to reduce the number of football related violence, and partly because they require the police force, which would otherwise be catered towards the security of the football fans.

“We’re doing our best to accommodate for the obligations of league and clubs. We believe that it is impossible to end the season before May 10th, the date set for holding the election. We’ve agreed with the public authorities not to schedule any activities during the week of election, provided that the league and clubs are allowed to resume their activities after the election,” said the Professional Football League president Mahfoud Kerbadj on the web site of the Maghrebia news. There are a number of problems in the country and they expect it to escalate during the football matches.