Football clubs in Algeria have been banned from signing foreign players

The main reason of why Algeria football clubs have recently been prohibited from signing players who are not from the North African country is due to the financial crisis that the country is experimenting which was caused by a plunge in oil revenues.

This financial crisis has made it impossible for clubs in Algeria to obtain the necessary currency to pay the salaries of those foreign players and as a result, the national football federation announced this prohibition which was made to the public earlier in July.

‘’The federal bureau has decided to stop the recruitment of foreign players in professional clubs’’. This was the statement that was released in the official website of the national football team of Algeria a few weeks ago.

The foreign players that are already playing in Algerian clubs are allowed to continue their normal training and schedule with their respective teams until their contracts expire.

Besides the fact that Algerian football clubs do not have enough financial freedom or liberty to be signing foreign players, this recent ban also helps in some way or another in helping the progression of the Algerian national side as those clubs now have to focus their limited resources on finding local players who were born in the own country.

Not too long ago, in England and especially in the Premier League there was an uprising in the amount of players who arrived to the English League and played in the biggest clubs of England and due to this increasing amount of foreign players who joined the Premier League, there were a number of changes and bans that were made in England which helped develop homegrown players.

This ban of foreign players that has hit Algerian clubs might seem like a negative thing there is a silver lining which helps the national side and can actually increase the quality of their local and national players.