Algeria’s national team manager Vahid Halilhodzic burst into tears when the nation qualified for the World Cup 2014. He is normally not known as a manager to show his emotions, but he has stated that his current job is the most intense he has experienced.

Hence, he could not control the tears that came out as a result of the nation achieving this dream. Halilhodzic said in an interview later that the tears were a mixture of joy and pride. He says that the World Cup is the prestigious tournament for any manager involved in the game and to be taking part in it is very special for him.

Halilhodzic has recalled the special memories he has had as a player, which involves lifting the European under 21 title and taking part in the Champions league as well.

However, he says that the job of being the national team manager of Algeria is easily the most intense he has experienced as a player and as a manager. Halilhodzic had the chance to take part in the 2010 World Cup after he helped Ivory Coast qualify for the tournament, but he was sacked by the nation just a few months before the tournament itself.

Halilhodzic says that he still regrets not taking part in this tournament.

“Actually, just this morning, the new President of the Ivorian Football Federation came to me to apologise for what happened on his behalf, and on behalf of the players and the Ivorian people. That didn’t make up for it, but it was some consolation. Of course, I regret not having gone to that World Cup in 2010.

“Perhaps I would have been able to achieve something with that side, as it had some great players. It’s not always a walk in the park being the coach of Algeria. You need to have a very strong personality and a certain conviction about what you’re doing,” said Halilhodzic.