The Algerian national football team is rocked by drug allegations

Algerian football has taken a major blow after accusations were made involving players having taken drugs and this has been going on since 2013. There have been a number of players from the Algerian national team that have been suspended after having tested positive for consumption of illegal substances. Youcef Belaili is one of these players who were dealt with suspension. Belaili was given a 2 year long ban from national and international football. There were some other players that were handed a ban of 4 years
It was recently confirmed that the football clubs in Algeria did not have any kind of regulations or supervision in relation to things of this nature.

Every single player of the national team denied having taken any kind of drug as they all believed that everything was just vitamin supplements and nothing more than that.

The Algerian Football Federation stated that the organization will be conducting tests on a regular basis from this point forward.

Algerian football commentators as well as fans are blaming the FAF for not conducting drug tests and supervising their players on a consistent basis.

There is a nightclub in the capital city of Algeria, Algers where many players of the Algerian national team frequently visited and an employee from this nightclub stated that they attended this nightclub to let off their stress but that drugs were bought and utilized in this place.

A number of articles have been launched which are blaming the absurdly high salaries that certain players in the Algerian national team are receiving, this high amount of money that the performers of the squad have been getting in combination with the young players or with the: ‘’lack of maturity’’ of these players is one of the main reasons of why things like are occurring, at least according to the journalists and papers who have been trying to get to the source of everything that has been going on in recent times.