The Algerian football Federation has said that it is currently working with the Brazilian football Federation in order to arrange a friendly match between the two nations in November. Algeria have been looking to boost the profile of football in the region.

They have identified the possibility of playing a friendly match against one of the biggest nations in the world when it comes to football – Brazil – as a possible solution. Brazil will be having a lot of dates to play against teams from across the world due to the fact that they have already qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup as the hosts of the tournament.

The Algerian football Federation has said that it is trying to hold a friendly match with Brazil on November 14. One of the major stumbling blocks in the possibility of playing against Brazil in Algeria came in the form of the demands by the Brazilian football Federation to play against Algeria in their soil. The president of the federation has revealed that the Brazilian FA demanded up to $ 3 million. However, the Algerian football Federation were able to negotiate a fee in the region of $ 1.5 million.

“We are still in talks with our Brazilian counterparts for a friendly match here (Algiers) during the period when the Algeria football federation will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. In the first place, the Brazilian FA was demanding a huge sum of $3 million (R 25m) to have them come here to play, but we were able to make them accept $1.5 million (R 12m). We are counting on our sponsors to raise that amount in order to bring the world’s most successful team to Algeria for the joy of our football fans,” said the president of the Algerian football Federation.