The Algerian national football side is going to a downhill road

The Algerian national football team has recently gone through a disappointing 2017 AFCON journey as they were knocked out in the group stages after only being able to snatch the 3rd spot of Group B and it was not enough for them to advance into the further rounds of the African competition.

Not being able to make it past the group stages is an extremely underwhelming string of performances from Algeria as this is the same national side that was able to reach the quarter-finals back in the 2015 edition of the AFCON.

To make matters even worse for Algeria, they are struggling just to keep hold of a coach for any significantly long period of time as it seems like even managers are incapable and don’t desire to stay at the helm of the Algerian national side due to the disappointing performances and results from the squad as well as the pressure that is being built around taking charge the African squad.

Christian Gourcuff was the coach of Algeria from 2014 until 2016 as he resigned after sustaining a 3-3 draw with Ethiopia. The Serbian manager MilovanRajevac was the man that was selected to succeed Gourcuff but Rajevac only lasted 2 matches in charge of Algeria as he opted to resign after an incredibly short stay at the helm of the African team which is currently struggling trying to find and keep a manager.

Georges Leekens is the latest coach that has taken charge of Algeria but he has also opted to resign after failing to make it past the group stages of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

Algeria is a national football team that needs to get restructured and start snatching positive results on a consistent fashion but this will not happen if all the managers that are signed continue to resign. It seems like the pressure of taking charge of Algeria is too much and it’s why so many tacticians have decided to leave the position in a very short period of time but this needs to change in order for this recent era of defeats to come to an end.