The Algerian national football team is rocked by drug allegations

Algerian football has taken a major blow after accusations were made involving players having taken drugs and this has been going on since 2013. There have been a number of players from the Algerian national team that have been suspended after having tested positive for consumption of illegal substances. Youcef Belaili is one of these players who were dealt with suspension. Belaili was given a 2 year long ban from national and international football. There were some other players that were handed a ban of 4 years

Christian Gourcuff is uncertain about his future with Algeria

It hasn’t even been 2 years since Christian Gourcuff took over the Algerian national football team but the French manager is already having doubts about whether or not he should remain in charge of the national side for a significantly longer period of time.

During Gourcuff’s time in charge of the team, he managed to push the squad into the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations which is a s significantly better finish in comparison to how they performed in the 2013 edition of the African competition where they couldn’t make it past the group stages.

Football clubs in Algeria have been banned from signing foreign players

The main reason of why Algeria football clubs have recently been prohibited from signing players who are not from the North African country is due to the financial crisis that the country is experimenting which was caused by a plunge in oil revenues.

This financial crisis has made it impossible for clubs in Algeria to obtain the necessary currency to pay the salaries of those foreign players and as a result, the national football federation announced this prohibition which was made to the public earlier in July.

Algeria progressed to Group Stages in African Cup 2015

Algeria managed to progress past the group stages of the 2015 African Cup of Nations before eventually being knocked out of the competition as they lost against Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals. Christian Gourfucc was appointed as the head coach of the Algerian national football team after the conclusion of 2015 FIFA World Cup.

Algeria in Satisfactory Position after FIFA Ranking Update

The governing body of football is FIFA and they utilize a ranking system based on points and on the latest results for all of the nations and the clubs around the world.

On the latest monthly ranking of FIFA, the football authority has taken into consideration the performances and results of October which was a splendid period of time for the African nation Algeria as they managed to claim victories over successive victories over Malawi as both squads faced each other in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifications.